Invoice Factoring: Our core service

Invoice factoring, also known as receivables factoring, invoice discounting, and debtor financing, is a financial transaction in which a business sells its account receivable(invoices) to a third party(factoring company) at a discount.

Commerze Capital Sdn. Bhd., who has been helping businesses financing their project in the last 12 years is committed to provide factoring facility to small and medium enterprises(SME) who are awarded with secured contract from government agencies, government linked companies(GLC) and selected public listed companies. Our service is specifically tailored for small and medium enterprises.

Commerze Capital is registered with Bank Negara Malaysia following Section 21(1) Bank Act and financial institute 1989(BAFIA). We are also licensed by Ministry Of Finance to do invoice factoring for government issued contracts. We can service all contracts issued from federal government, state governments, federal government agencies, state government agencies, federal government linked companies and state government linked companies.

Invoice factoring helps with your cash flow:

  • Provides more working capital immediately
  • Resolves your cash-flow concerns
  • Gives you the freedom to grow
  • Allows you to focus on income generation, not administration
  • Releases you from the hassle of managing your ledgers and chasing payments
  • Helps you secure supplier discounts by paying them early

Reduce your headache with our service

With invoice factoring, you can receive your payment quickly.

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